Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Merbful Authentication 0.9.1

After a buggy start, and no Test::Unit support, the new MerbfulAuthentication is here.

This release is a little experimental at the moment. I mean, it's more robust in the way it handles the dependencies, but there is one area I'd really like some feedback.

To minimise the setup and configuration required, I've taken some liberty with this release. There was an issue where with the way I had the routes in 0.9.0, when the router was reloaded because of a change, the AuthenticatedSystem routes were wiped out. Also there was requires and dependencies still fairly well littered throughout the code.

To accomplish this, I've taken the liberty of writing some configuration information into the config/init.rb and config/routes.rb files. This will add the lines when you generate, if they are not already there. It won't be destructive, and you can just remove them if you want.

I'd really like some feedback to see if ppl don't like this. I can't see it causing trouble. But that doesn't mean ppl will like it ;)

So have a crack and let me know what you think :)